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US Embassy on the Behalf of Secretary of State Hillarry Clinton presented its condoleances to the new Caliph General

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Ms. Marcia Bernicat, U.S. Ambassador to Senegal Touba was Thursday, July 29, 2010 to offer condolences to the Caliph General Sheikh Sidi Mukhtar Mourides MBACKE. Ms. Ambassador and his delegation were welcomed at the entrance to the city on behalf of Caliph Serigne Cheikh Thioro by MBACKE and Serigne Bassirou Thioro MBACKE, then headed to the residence of the Caliph in the neighborhood "Gouye Mbinda"


The meeting with General Caliph was attended by a large delegation of the Ambassador, including his main collaborators whose new political adviser, the cultural advisor and a large staff of the embassy.

After the greetings, she told the Caliph that the reasons for the delay in submission of condolences can be explained by the absence of Senegalese territory when the event occurred. She then presented and read to the Caliph's letter of condolence to the U.S. State Secretary Hilary Clinton for the Caliph and the entire community Murid behalf of the entire American nation.

His Excellency took the interview to inform the Caliph on the state of cooperation between Senegal and the United States in the field of health, education, and whose excellence is magnified by the current work of a new U.S. embassy in Dakar. She did not fail to highlight the relationship between Mouridism and the United States and the various hearings that his predecessor had granted, Serigne Lamine Bara Mbacke Mouhamadou in this case.

In his response on behalf of the caliph, Serigne Cheikh Thioro MBACKE, warmly thanked the delegation for this act, he did not fail to serve their thanks and encouragement to the Caliph he said facilitating worship that their country gives to Muslims and particularly the disciples Murids whose most perfect illustration of their integration is the regular holding of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba days in several states.

The delegation then visited the residence Serigne Fallou MBACKE where she was received by Serigne Abul Fattah MABCKE accompanied Serigne Mourtalla Fallilou, Serigne Abdul Ahad and several family members.

It will then turn to the family of Serigne Lamine Bara Mouhamadou MBACKE to receive the delegation to Alieu, in the presence of Serigne Moustapha Khalif and his some of his brothers. After the presentation of condolence, it will be said Serigne Fallou MBACKE Galass kaltoum which deliver the response of the family on behalf of Serigne Moustapha.

The ambassador is back on the qualities of Serigne Lamine Bara Mouhamadou remembering trademarks of honors he had expressed to him during his last visit to Touba.

The last stage of the visit of the delegation is the Hizb ut-Daara Tarqiyyah. His Excellency will be hosted by Serigne Diagne Atou the moral authority they welcomed on behalf of the Caliph before offering a recommendation of approval to the Caliph.






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