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Bamba, Obama, and World Peace

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Majalis is pleased to introduce you to an this interesting article in Geostrategic  studies by Serigne A. Aziz Mbacke entitled” Bamba, Obama, and World Peace” subtitled “Yes we can have a new dream between Islam and America” Included I the article are excerpts from the recently edited English version of his book “JIHAD FOR PEACE (Exploring the Philosophy of Sheikh A.

Bamba, The African Muslim of Non-Violence)”), wherein the author is attempting to study and analyze the great Senegalese Sufi’s thought and its relevant in today’s world. The publication and these reflections and excerpts, taken from the chapter about the non-violent and peaceful Jihad philosophy, is all the more relevant and has a new impact following the recent reconciling address of the American president Barack Obama delivered in Cairo ( June 4th, 2009), in which he is prospecting a new vision of the appeased relationship between the United-States and the Muslim world, by inviting to a “Fresh Start” for world peace.[ you can download the full speech @:www.majalis.org/articles/pdf/Bamba_obama.pdf]

According to the author of “Jihad for Peace” the achievement of such vision requires, not only a sincere willingness from the American government in materializing his actions not only-strategic or intelligence policies, but also, that is the new topic introduced in the debate by A. Aziz Mbacke, a better understanding of non-Muslims of the true and profound message of Islam assimilated with intolerance; message I which the use of violence remains an exceptional resort to self-defense following precise conditions. A message of Love, of peace, brotherhood, of forgiveness, of worshipping God too , of mutual respect and of struggle against man unnatural inclinations; a message of which true expression, richness and conformity is nowhere to be found but in the teachings of Shaykh A. Bamba inspired by the Prophet’s (Pbuh) model adapted to particular modern context. In a whole, through this reflection the author is timely introducing Serigne Tuubaa to the world ideological debate and its remarkable geostrategic stakes, pulling them out finally from the narrow confines of Cayor and Bawol where they  remained shut until now for lack of serious and profound studies of his thought. You can download the whole article at the following address:www.majalis.org/articles/pdf/Bamba_obama.pdf]



Bamba, Obama and World Peace

By Abdoul Aziz Mbacke, author of “JIHAD FOR PEACE”


“And if they (enemies) incline to peace, you also inline to it, and (put your) trust in Allah. Verily He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.”(Qur’an 8:61)


“….So if they withdraw from you (remain neutral), and fight not against you, and offer you peace, then Allah has opened no way for you against them.” (Qur’an 4:90)

After the shutting down of Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp, the expressed political will to withdraw American troops from Iraq in a near feature, the political shift in the confrontation with Iran and his recent appeasing address towards the Muslim world (in Turkey), the new American president, has once again laid the foundation of a highly impacting symbolic act in offering a “Fresh Start” in the tense relationship between the his country and Islam. Thus it may seem very clearly, according to many analysts, that his speech in Cairo will mark a milestone in the history of the relationship between the West (in general) and the Muslim world in the forthcoming years, for it foreshadows certain willingness of a strategic break away from the radical discourse of approach and ideological autism of George Bush.


For instance admitting publicly, in spite of the obvious desire of opposition of Israel’s administration, uncompromising in its policies of Jewish settlements in Palestine, that “The only possible resolution (of the israelo-palestinian conflict) will go through the achievement of the aspirations of both parties in the framework of two separate states”, Obama brings in, to our attention, a new interesting paradigm that can even drain out, in the long run the recurring sources of hatred and of frustration of Muslims against Uncle Sam. On the condition, of course to be followed by practical effect, through for instance, a clear action plan, emphasizing on the terms and approach to achieve such vision.

It seems crucial that President Obama’s speech, as eloquent and comforting it is, be followed by visible effects in the geostrategic field and that real proposal could be quickly taken for the creation of the two states: Palestinian and Jewish, leaving together peacefully and equally, in spite of the many resistance and extremisms from all sides, and the influence of the powerful jewish-american lobby. At the same time, the mutual respect proclaimed by the first African-American president of the United States and his good intentions displayed in Cairo must, in our view, be materialized for fear to be put away into the overloaded drawers of pious wishes often expressed in the past on the same issues by his predecessors.

This should not be just taken as a strategy to improve the aggressive image of the United States in the Muslim world in the different “classic communication procedures” of former American governments, inspired by Harvard and Yale theoreticians, or by a simple politically correct diplomatic concern. For beyond the smart power strategy, the spearhead of the new American diplomacy, this consists of, according to the secretary of state “choosing the right combination of tools for the most adapted diplomatic, economic, military, political, legal and cultural situations. What the Muslim world claims rather in this respect in “genuine power” that is the only guarantee of lasting peace in the future.


Truly the actual American diplomacy should, in our view, without falling in any diplomatic naivety, learn to go beyond the simple strategy based only, upon the national U.S interest, strategy theorized by Joseph S. Nye Jr. (Harvard professor and one of the first theoreticians of the “smart power”) who defines his concept as the heir of the soft power, embodied by Hollywood, Harvard and large American humanitarian organizations. He, then, justified this new approach and its relevancy in the context of confrontation with the Muslim world in these terms, in an article published in the foreign policy journal “winning islamist terrorism requires both a hard intelligence and police work, but we should also attract the major Muslim trend (pacifist) in order to drain radical extremists recruiting ground.( minor group).”

Even though president Obama is embracing this new strategic orientation, he just enlivened this issue worthy of interest for Muslims than it tends to disprove and question the famous “civilization clash “theory of Huntington. Unfortunate theory that significantly fed, in this last decade, the phobias about Islam, by  clearly stating not only that “the Muslim world is at war with the West” and that the later should be on the look-out against a near invasion so that it can defend its interest and keep its hegemony. But confessing openly in Cairo that “in the past the U.S put its focus only on the oil and natural gas fields of this part of the world [but now it is time] to look for a broader partnership “the current American president wants to move beyond the primary American imperialism and its natural condescension that represent up till now the most ideal breeding ground for extremism, as well in the Muslim worlds than elsewhere.




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