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Meeting with the Mayor of Raleigh Charles Meeker

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Meeting with the Mayor of Raleigh Charles Meeker 03/31/09

The Foundation Khadimur Rassul met with the Mayor Charles Meeker on Tuesday 03/31/09 to introduce the Foundation to the City of Raleigh.

During the meeting the following points were covered:

The presentation of the Foundation: its history, its mission and future projects

The integration of the Foundation within the City of Raleigh to contribute in its  religious, social, and recreational activities.

The proclamation of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba Day which will occur in August with the presence of Serigne Mame Mor MBacke which the mayor showed interest to make it offical in the city of Raleigh and

The City of Raleigh benefits for churches regarding housing and educations needs to church members.



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