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Magal of Daru Muhty, August 7th ,2009

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The events marking the reunion between Mame Thierno Birahim Mbacke and Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba when he returned from exile in 1902 ( Daaru Muhty Magal) will take place on August, 7th 2009 corresponding to the 15th day of the lunar month of Sha’baan 1430 H.A brief survey on this great figure of Muridiya.

Many agree on the date of birth of Mame Thierno Birahim Mbacke in Prokhane, on Thursday 15th of the Lunar month of “Rabbi al Awwal” in the “Charfadi” year i.e. 1283 H., 1863 A.D.

An extraordinary scene that is worth reminiscing took place in his birth and that will have a significant impact. For the circumstances Mame Mor Anta sally, their common father congratulated he Shaykh, who was just about ten years old, in these words: “ Congratulation, for he will be your right hand man, who will be of great support and very hard working in your great project “.

The context of the birth of Muridiyya was marked by wars motivated by conflicts of interests, thirst of power,, territorial struggles between local chiefs and the hegemonic ambitions of the colonial power over the people.
God and spiritual issues were not at the order of the day, even those for those so called scholars who would use the banner of Islam to justify their actions. Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba undertook, under such circumstances, his noble project to bring back mankind to God.
That clearly means he didn’t create a new path different from others or a specific community. But all he ambitioned was to restore “Sharia” and the “Haqiqa” path That the cause of the birth of Muridiyya.( cf. the preface of Serigne Shaykhuna Maqtar Binta Lo of Daaru Marnan on the Biography of Shaykh Ibra Faty, by Bashir Anta Niang Mbacke.
Here is an example of these great men that …history and can change people’s destiny. They are serviced by exceptional people, of the rare lineage of men Godsend people for special and particular causes. And for the success of their extraordinary mission, these prodigies are escorted, thanks to the Divine Wisdom, by exceptional lieutenants, befitting the dimension of their objectives
Thus, for the execution of the Divine mandate, Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba was surrounded by such extraordinary lieutenants the each one imprinted his name, in gold, in the religious history of this country. Among the valiant knights of Islam one can name the outstanding Serigne Shaykh Ibrahima Faty MBACKE, also known under other names such as Mame Thierno Birahim,Ndamal Darou ou Borom Darou.
Out of this extraordinary servant of Khadimou Rassoul who was also his right hand man, and his confident, history reminds us an unfailing image of attachment and faithfulness ,of this man, towards his master and spiritual guide, of indescribable physical courage, unfathomable discretion and incommensurable piety.


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