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Serigne Bara MBacke passed away this morning 07/01/2010

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The Caliph-General of Mouride, Serigne Bara Mbacke was recalled to God that night in Touba. Serigne Cheikh Maty Leye was inducted new Caliph General Murids. Serigne Bara Mbacke had been hospitalized in Dakar after a food poisoning during one month at the clinic in Cape TownThe affection he had for his revered father and teacher was a secret. His unwavering commitment to Touba, a city's image Madinatoul Munawara has never been wavered. Proponent of social cohesion and cement the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Lamine Bara Mbacke Muhammadu left us. Islam has lost a great man. A man of faith, virtue, a simple, accessible, a man of GOD. Prayers upon him.


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